Andrus Kasesalu - lead vocal, doublebass

Oleg Davidovich - guitar

Marek Lillemägi - drums

Feat. Vitali Redchits on drums



Boogie Company is founded in 2004. The band’s hometown is Tallinn, Estonia.

Even though Boogie Company can be considered an authentic rock’n’roll band, its music has been influenced by many different styles of music from Latin American rhythms to punk and glam rock. Boogie Company is trying to broaden the term "rockabilly" with its music. The music played by Boogie Company is mostly written by the band members. Read more…


Updated on 02.06.2017

16. detsembril ilmus Boogie Companyl uus CD,

pealkirjaga “Mida Sa Mögised, Mees!”.

Plaadil on 13 lugu aastatest 2004 - 2013.


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Eesti keeles

Eesti keeles

Boogie Company astub üles 09. Novembril, Nokia Kontserdimajas toimuval EMIL RUTIKU 50. SÜNNIPÄEVAPEOL. Kaasa teevad lugematul hulgal külalisi.


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Boogie Company uue plaadi presenteerimine toimub 17. jaanuaril, Voose Rahvamajas. Kus asub Voose Rahvamaja? Kaart:

24. Jaanuaril toimub sama CD tiraaži läbimüügi pidulik lõpupidu klubis “Rockstars”.


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On 5th of April, band performed in Massimo Trattoria (Tallinn) with rockabilly - legend Robert Gordon.

What a night to remember!

APRIL 2014

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10. jaanuaril toimub Tallinnas, Massimo Trattorias suur Elvise 80. Sünnipäevapidu! Koos Boogie Companyga astuvad üles Ivo Linna, Vesa Haaja, Rusty Roaders ja Ralf Lainevool.

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New Years Eve with Boogie Company!

Welcome to Hotel Strand in Pärnu…


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Boogie Company representing Estonia in THE GLOBAL BATTLE OF THE BANDS world final. Contest final will take place in Oslo, Norway 26th of April.

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JUNE 2015

Boogie Company esitles 16. Juunil, Kanal 2 telesaates Reporter oma uut lugu  - “Indiaani Boogie”. Videot saab vaatata siit!

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JULY 2015

Boogie Company`s next gigs in Finland: on 04th of September in Joensuu Utra Pub and on 05th of September in Lapinlahti, 10th Lapinlahti Cruising.

JULY 2014

ATTENZIONE! On 4th of October, band will perform on Yankee Car Show in Lahti, Finland.


Boogie Company avaldas uue loo: “Äärelinna Kass”. Muusika: Andrus Kasesalu, sõnad on kirjutanud legendaarne Vennaskonna romantik - Tõnu Trubetsky.



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BIG ROCK`N`ROLL NIGHT! 26.03: Boogie Company together with Vesa Haaja + Greased Lightning (Finland) in Rock Cafe.


MARCH 2016

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Cool news! Boogie Company @ AMERICAN BEUTY CAR SHOW. Boogie Company performing on 16 of July togather with Imelda May and Beth Hart!


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ROCK STARS 13th BIRTHDAY PARTY: Boogie Company with The Shrieks (Finland) on stage in Rock Stars.



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Uus laul ja video!

Bänd on valmis saanud uue lauluga ja lisanud sellele ka video: INGEL (KÕNDIS TÄNAVAL). Muusika: Andrus Kasesalu, sõnad: Tõnu Oja / Marek Sadam. Loo videos lööb kaasa ka Kanal 2 ilmatüdruk Marit Mittal.

MAY 2016

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Boogie Company koos Ivo Linnaga esinevad 31.08-03.09.2017 Los Angeleses, USA Lääneranniku Eesti Päevadel 2017!


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Boogie Company's new song "All The Best Girls".

Estonia rockabilly band Boogie Company has released a rock version of the 80's hit "All The Best Girls". The song was originally recordedby Finnish music legend Ressu Redford's band Bogart Co. This is a completely new approach to a hit song that was very popular in Finland, Estonia and all across Europe.

Boogie Company singer and double bass player Andrus Kasesalu said: "I was thinking at some point, which is that these are the songs that made me growing up most affected and Bogart Co. "All The Best Girls" is on of them. We found a suitable form for our band and really enjoyed it. I hope that the Finns and everyone else will love it too. Let it be our small gift to the Republic of Finland for their 100th birthday! "

The video has been recorded and spiced up with the Estonian Basketball Championship silver RAPLA AVIS team cheerleaders.

JUNE 2017

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